Frustration Be Gone! [2 New Apps Removing Friction from Our Lives]

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As our world becomes more and more interconnected through technology, social apps are becoming an increasingly convenient and useful way of connecting with friends and making the most out of your social life. Here are two exciting apps that are guaranteed to connect you with your friends and keep you up to date with the social scene in your area.

You can get Voux here

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Whether it’s a social gathering for the union of two people, a meeting in the stadium to cheer on your favorite team, or a high-tech virtual meetup on a platform such as Facebook or Instagram, it’s clear that this key social structure is a staple no matter your background.

One app on the market, Voux (pronounced Voo) doesn’t seek to completely upend how people are meeting up, but it certainly helps the experience of planning a meetup, connecting with friends, and sharing photos of the meetup. Founder Freddie Roseman sees the pain point, and believes Voux is the perfect solution.

“Most people start a meeting by asking the “what”, whereas Voux focuses on the “where” and “who” – as in where is this meetup taking place, who is attending, and who is currently there?”

This lends itself very well to travel destinations, sporting events, restaurants and pretty much every other type of meetup. It allows an organizer to quickly change venues in the app and instantly send updated information to all attendees. It also allows invitees to quickly determine how to travel via the built-in connections to mapping and transportation tools.

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Imagine yourself peeking into a meeting room, being able to see the audience in attendance, the topics that they are discussing, then using that information to make a quick decision whether to attend or not. That is what Voux does via its “Spots” feature. This level of intuitive information promotes targeted participation, ease and convenience from a single app.

Here are a few examples of how meetings are changing with Voux:

Leisure and business travelers

Travelers of all sorts are creating Voux “Spots” on the fly, and inviting their friends to participate in their itinerary. Invitees can experience the destination via location information, chat, and visual pictures, virtually or in person without missing a beat. Voux leaves a lasting experience through a virtual setting, as participants experience real-time events, and one-to-one itinerary recommendations from friends right out of Voux’s “My Feed” section.


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A common issue that Voux solves for business travel is knowing when everyone is actually at a venue. Voux automatically signals to the group the arrival of each traveler, and the group communicates privately during the business trip via the app. Voux instantly provides location—minus the extraneous group chatting and messaging that asks “are you there”?


Voux is also being used for customer–worker meetups. They use Voux to schedule jobs, know exactly when the worker is at the job, track completion of the job, then provide built-in feedback. Voux eschews surveys in favor of real-time chat, imagery and locations to convey feedback.

Sports enthusiasts

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Planning and executing a meetup of friends at a big stadium is a challenge, but not with Voux. Organizers send Voux invitations and specify the venue. Voux then gives immediate feedback on attendance to all invitees. As participants close into the venue, Voux sends out real-time information, letting everyone know the actual rate of attendance; this encourages higher attendance rates through greater pre-event participation.

With the unique convergence of virtual with physical locations in an app for meetings—why meet any other way?

Voux can be downloaded on iPhone at and the open beta on Google Play at


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Postcard is a new app that aims to remove the friction of deciding where to go on a night out, while letting you know where the hottest spots are in the moment, not days later through Instagram or Yelp. Founders Giancarlo Roma and Danny Matthews believe that Postcard is the perfect solution to the common problems facing people on a night out in NYC and elsewhere.

postcard social app nightlife nycPostcard offers a heatmap of the hottest spots in New York City, allowing you to filter by venue type as well as distance from your location. The app also has a curated list of the most interesting venues from the Postcard team and several of New York City’s most prominent food Instagrammers, as well as exclusive deals and offers only available through the Postcard app. It also allows you to order drinks through the app, cutting the hassle of waiting for your drink.

Postcard aims to be your go-to source for picking a venue for your night out. It offers a social media feed that is tailored to you at the current moment. If you’re looking at a venue at 5pm on a Thursday, Postcard will show you photos taken around 5pm on previous Thursdays, giving you an accurate glance at what the venue will look like when you show up.

postcard digital social app nightlife heatmapPostcard’s flexibility is its biggest strength. No matter who you are, Postcard has something to offer you. Can’t decide where to go? Postcard helps you keep your finger on the pulse of the scene by letting you see what a venue looks like at that moment. Looking for somewhere new and exciting? Postcard lets you find hidden gems that are sure to make your friends jealous of your knowledge. To top it off, the exclusive deals and offers and the ability to order drinks (and even food!) seamlessly directly from the app is sure to be a hit with everyone.

In the fast-paced world of nightlife, Postcard shines through as the must-have app for anyone looking to simplify and make the most out of their night out.


You can download Postcard on the App Store here. 

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