Crypto Trading Tools and Strategies [Workshop Coverage]

This Tuesday’s Crypto Trading Educational Session held at RISE New York was enlightening, packed with aha moments from the crowd and introducing an amazing new tool for crypto investors and traders, RoninAi. It was one of the better events during NYC’s busy Blockchain Week and we’re excited to share a rundown of the event in case you missed it.

Held at the trendy Subculture event space, attendees had access to a full bar which set the scene for networking and sharing tips and strategies in crypto investing before the main event. The speaker, Peter Borovykh, is a prolific figure in the blockchain and fintech space having spoken at events and conferences globally and featured in Forbes, Yahoo Finance, Business Insider, MSN, Fortune, Bitcoinist and more.



On the heels of the recent news about Goldman Sachs and the New York Stock Exchange entering the crypto scene, his insights on trading strategies were more than welcome and well received by the audience.

He began by engaging the audience in several rounds of crypto trading games based on the real fluctuations of Ethereum from early 2018 January to end of April, illustrating the streaks, the lessons investors learned last year (namely HODLing) and why it doesn’t work in the volatile market. Peter highlighted some of the basic tools used by investors, namely RSI and other statistics, signals, and chatbot algorithms, which he adeptly illustrated fail to adapt to a changing market.



The solutions that he offered were brilliant. RoninAi tools based on a multitude of factors including social sentiment, mining analysis, technical analysis, exchange arbitrage, and a lot more, the product is called RoninAi and looks like it will be released midsummer (there is a pre-launch deal happening till 23rd of may, where you get 50% off).

With experienced traders entering the space, it’s hard to keep up with it, but true Ai machine learning, based not on static algorithms, but capable of evolving with the market, makes it easier for beginner and intermediate traders to get better results.

Through a series of exercises Peter displayed over and over again that people consistently make irrational decisions when investing and trading crypto. It was a rather humbling experience that left many people ready to improve.



It’s for this very reason that Peter and his team have been developing crypto trading tools that incorporate all the high level strategies with machine learning supercomputers that constantly backtest strategies incorporating and analyzes live data. According to Peter this is a true self learning, self evolving, magic black box that can change its own algorithms for better results. The returns were 326% higher than investors would have made simply HODLing.

After the amazing session we spoke to Peter personally to get more insights on the project which we expect will take the crypto trading world by storm.

“RoninaAi is more than just statistics and data, it processes vast amounts of data that it automatically analyzes, interprets, and implements into strategies that change and adapt to the current market.”

After the event, he  even gave a sneak peek and  allowed us to experiment with a  the current version of the software (it is currently in closed beta) which gave a live view on the bullish vs bearish state of different cryptocurrencies based on social and news sentiment, various technical analysis signals, and other factors that it takes into consideration.



According to Peter unlike last year, this year we can’t expect the market to be constantly up due to shifts in macro, the risk of loss is real and investors would be wise to start looking into and adopting new, better, all encompassing strategies now. The problem lies in time constraint, knowledge, and skill. Trading is a 24/7 job, but with the right tools, it’s still possible to only spend a short time on it and make profit.

The affordable software was easy to use and fully accessible to beginners while providing indepth analysis that even advanced traders would be impressed with. We learned so much from this event and won’t be able to look at crypto trading the same!  We are impressed and think RoninAi is what many investors has been missing in their tool box.


Young Woo Shin

Young Woo is a blockchain and finance expert and writer who has a keen interest in Artificial Intelligence's future impact on every aspect of our lives.