Meetup is Dead, Here is What’s Next [Social Apps Changing NYC]

Social apps have an incredible ability to connect us to others with shared interests and hobbies. Meetup has been a very popular tool for those looking to start or find a group, especially in New York City. Meetup’s tagline is “find your people,” which certainly speaks to many people’s desire to connect with people both in and outside of the internet. However, fewer and fewer people are finding their people on Meetup.

meetup nyc articleMany people believe that Meetup is outdated, and the evolution of social apps has left it in the dust. Foursquare took many of Meetup’s qualities that people enjoyed and gave people a more fun and freeform tool for meeting people and keeping track of their friends, but even though it got many people interested, longevity was a problem. Since, Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and others have added a more real-time feel to the social app. However, these apps are no longer in the same family as Meetup. So the question is why is Meetup slowing down and what can we learn from it?

Here is another way that tech is evolving in NYC.

Meetup has failed to adapt to the time-sensitive direction that the world was going towards. Meet up is fantastic for people who have a very specific interest and want to find other people who share that interest. In an age where connectivity was at a premium, Meetup was king. However, forming connections is no longer at a premium. In fact, for most modern day people, it’s harder to not be connected with people than it is to be connected to them.

Additionally, time is arguably the most important axis on which social apps operate.

Snapchat deals in periods of 24 hours. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram sort content by time, emphasizing the current more than the past.

Another problem that Meetup had and continues to have is that they rely on the commitment of others to keep it running at a high quality. As some meet ups fail, people are less willing to stay with Meetup. As people leave, the ecosystem suffers, so on and so forth.

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Meetup is still around, but it’s not as popular as it used to be. Good thing there are plenty of alternatives. 

Postcard founders Danny and Giancarlo believe that they know why. They believe that it is more important to maintain and strengthen connections that people have already formed than to form new connections with random people. Snapchat’s geotags add another axis to the equation: location. Danny and Giancarlo believe that this axis is the next to dominate social apps.

Tech is making its presence known in every aspect of our lives. This article highlights one element of our lives that will be undergoing a change soon because of technology.

Postcard is an upcoming app (they’re currently about to enter beta testing) that aims to take the successful elements of Foursquare and Snapchat and integrate them into one seamless product that keeps people connected and offers them a unique experience.

Postcard is trying to “solve the age-old problem of where are my friends and what are they doing right now?”

They are planning on taking a content-driven approach, as customer-driven ecosystems, such as the one found in Meetup, can turn sour quickly. Danny and Giancarlo have recognized the trend of trying to capture the element of a shared experience which is taking over the world, and they want their piece of the pie.

postcard app social apps nyc articleAdditionally, they recognize that on Instagram and Snapchat, as well as others, users are able to cultivate a personality for themselves that is completely separate to their real life. For example, DJ Khaled, a music producer, was a decently-known celebrity before his Snapchat account became world famous. Since his breakthrough on Snapchat, it would not be outlandish to say that the majority of his fame comes from social media and not the work he has done in music.

Danny and Giancarlo are committed to making Postcard another one of these mediums that helps influencers have a big presence on social media. They believe that the aforementioned focus on both time and place will help them achieve this.

More than anything else, Postcard aims to help New Yorkers uncover New York City. The entirety of New York City is shrouded in mystery. Postcard will help you find a new cool bar that is hidden away, or help you discover and try new food that you never thought you would find in New York City. Postcard promises that it will change how you go out in New York City. It will show you where top influencers on the app are and what they are doing, while giving you exclusive offers that will make Postcard your go-to social app in New York City. We think it’s one of hottest apps on the horizon this year and a must have for any New Yorker looking to explore the NYC latest happenings.

Curious? You can be one of the first people to get your hands on Postcard by going to and signing up to be a part of their upcoming beta.

The social app scene is constantly changing. Outdated tools like Meetup and Foursquare have given way to Snapchat, Instagram, and others like it. Postcard has all of the tools and promise necessary to soon be a household name in New York City.

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