Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Investment Summit [Coming to NYC June 11-12]

This year’s annual BCI Summit (Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Investment Summit) will launch on June 11th and 12th at the Metropolitan Pavilion in New York City. Last year’s event was completely sold out and we’re expecting it to be even better this year. BCI Summit is held to connect and educate portfolio investors on digital assets and opportunities. It’s shaping up to be the go to event of the summer.

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“While working with hedge funds and other investment clients the team and I started receiving more and more questions about investing in digital assets. For the first BCI Summit there was a line around the block and an incredible amount of excitement! At that point BCI Summit became an annual event.”

– Max Artemenko, BCI Summt Director

The BCI Summit Conference is composed of panel discussions with topics that are critical to the investment community. They discuss investors’ specific issues through knowledgeable, experienced and renowned individuals in the crypto world.


Attendees will receive exclusive tips from industry professionals and learn how to grow, diversify, and protect their crypto technology portfolios. You’ll get to hear from and network with top bitcoin, altcoin, and blockchain executives and investors. Topics include Valuation, Pricing, Diversification, Hedging, Security, and Reporting. You can see the full agenda here.

Most notably, Charlie Shrem, founder of the Bitcoin Foundation, co-founder and former CEO of BitInstant LLC, and one of the loudest voices in the anglicization of Bitcoin, will be sharing his experiences since the pioneer cryptocurrency’s inception. Arianna Simpson, another early proponent of Bitcoin, will shed light on the move from the technical aspects of BitGo to running a blockchain-focused VC firm.

Shira Rubinoff, a top 25 cybersecurity expert, will go into how scams are rampant and due diligence is more important than ever when exploring the crypto space. CME Group, IBM, BlockTower Capital, and many more will help the novice, and expert investors alike pick apart the decentralized world of crypto.

Holders of digital assets have changed the world around us faster than the internet or any other technology we have experienced. Bitcoin now is what Amazon was in 1994 in Bezos’s garage. The panels at BCI Summit provide an opportunity to visit that garage, dive into the reasons why, who and how with some of the founders and leaders.

We are excited to see the community and adoption grow exponentially. These are the times that we will be telling our kids and grandkids about!

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Kim Adsitt

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