November Company Spotlight: Upgrade Digital and the Value of Domain Branding

Welcome to our November 2020 Company Spotlight. Each month we pick companies that are trailblazing new spaces, creating opportunities, and exploring the tech world. This month we are focusing on digital branding.  

When starting a new business there are many investments its owner will make that will lead to its success. One of the most important investments is its branding. Yes, you have the perfect name for your brand or company, but what about its domain? This is where Upgrade Digital comes in. The New York City based digital branding agency has been helping clients choose and secure premium domain names for years.

Upgrade Digital understands that standing out in the digital space is key to a successful brand and their experts work to match businesses with domain names that will increase their brand’s visibility for the best price. 

Gone are those days in the 90s when you could get a great brand for a few dollars. Internet domains are now akin to real estate. The more premium the name, the more scarce and high priced it is. Having land in Manhattan is far more valuable than similar square footage upstate.

Every business now needs its digital land. It is as much or even more important than physical space. Especially post-Covid, where physically going somewhere might not be an option. If you are a small business, you might spend $100,000 per year on rent alone. Yet, your domain (your digital brand that everyone sees) is often forgotten.

That’s why we wanted to spotlight a company that has been helping businesses find great names at affordable prices. Companies like these are doubly valuable, as in addition to providing you with high value digital brands, they can help you find your perfect domain name and aid in negotiations.

Getting a premium domain name is frequently very difficult, and with some names costing  millions of dollars, domain names are being treated more and more as the most critical investment an owner can make in their business. 

Educating their clients on exactly what types of domains will work best for their brand is what makes working Upgrade Digital such a valuable experience. They want you to understand exactly why and how a premium domain name is now so important to building a digital brand. 

Here are some of their tips and reasons why having a premium name is so important:

Branding power 

The importance of domain names are often overlooked, as it may not seem very complex to some, but picking the right domain name plays a large part in the branding success of your company. Your website is now the face of your business so it’s important for it to make a great first impression. Names shouldn’t be hard to spell or pronounce, and shorter is always better. 

Trust and Confidence in Your Brand

Not only does a great domain name look good, but it also brings a level of trust and value to your business. Visitors are attracted to domains that seem trustworthy and make sense alongside your business. 

Increased Online Presence and Traffic

Domain names bring much more value to your brand than you might expect. With a premium domain, your online visibility increases dramatically. When you acquire a premium domain name, you are instantly generating more traffic from people that may not be familiar with your business. That means new customers!

Higher Search Engine Ranking 

Now with more generated interest, potential searches and visitors to your site, your search engine ranking (SEO) increases. With a higher ranking on search engines, even more traffic will be directed to your site. Search engines know good domains, and prioritize businesses that have them.

When you buy a premium domain, you are making an important investment in the branding potential to your business. Working with a team of experts can help you decide and acquire a name that will build your business’s presence and drive traffic to your site, a proven recipe for success. 


Kim Adsitt

Managing Editor

As a New York resident for over 12 years, Kim is passionate about developing technology in New York City. She has created original online media and groundbreaking content strategy for numerous startups and has become a leading expert in startup news. Specializing in content creation and editing, she manages the team at Silicon to produce high quality, engaging tech content and insight from the leading players in the NYC tech field. Kim has been an avid follower of all things blockchain, iot, ai, and crypto and its disruptive potential in a multitude of industries. She seeks to bring the latest innovative news, applications and use cases to the public.