Top 5 Leading Blockchain Agencies [Consultancy and Development]

Blockchain is a booming industry, and in New York City, there are many options if you are looking for blockchain services. At Silicon.NYC, we are very familiar with all of the major players in the NYC blockchain scene, and we have personal experience with many of them. While these companies are based in New York City, they are all experienced working nationally and internationally on blockchain projects, so if you are reading this outside of the Big Apple, fear not!

In this article, we will bring you details about the best blockchain service providers in New York City. We found that it is very hard to get good, reliable information on many blockchain companies in NYC, and we want to cut through the noise. Blockchain is a very complex technology and industry, and these companies are the ones that we found actually deliver. If you are committed to making your blockchain idea work, here are 5 excellent blockchain companies in New York City that will give you the results you are looking for.


#1: BlockchainDriven


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Our #1 blockchain company is BlockchainDriven. Blockchain is all that they do, and they specialize in consulting, architecture, and marketing. They are very focused on giving each blockchain project they choose to take on a personalized experience. The team at BlockchainDriven is experienced and small enough to remain agile and personal. As far as we have seen, they are the best solution for your tech stack. They have a lot of experience dealing with a variety of industries, and deeply understand blockchain applications in these industries.

One thing about BlockchainDriven that we love is that they won’t sugar-coat anything. If they think that your blockchain application won’t work or won’t be successful, they’ll tell you and won’t waste your time. So if you end up working with BlockchainDriven on anything, it’s because they believe in the project, and think it has fantastic potential. We’ve also heard from some past clients that they read and collectively discuss every inquiry they receive, so you shouldn’t feel intimidated by them either.

If you have a blockchain DApp that you are looking to develop, a wallet to test out, a smart contract that needs to be fine-tuned and audited, or any other distributed ledger application use case, we highly recommend reaching out to BlockchainDriven, no matter what stage your project is in.


#2: ConsenSys


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ConsenSys, founded by Ethereum co-founder Joe Lubin, is one of the largest blockchain companies in the world. They do a ton of work on blockchain applications in a wide variety of industries, and have certainly earned a lot of plaudits. Their track record is excellent, and many see them as a large force in the future world where blockchain has decentralized the world.

Perhaps the downside of ConsenSys is that they limit themselves to Ethereum and its capabilities. This lack of flexibility can be something of a turnoff for certain blockchain projects, so it’s very important to keep this fact in mind if you are thinking of reaching out to ConsenSys to receive consulting or use case development. Additionally, they also tend to only take on extremely large projects, so if you aren’t seeking a solution on a global stage, you’re likely to get a “no thanks” from ConsenSys.


#3: R3



I promise you that R3 isn’t at #3 on this list because the numbers match.

R3 is involved with over 300 of the world’s biggest financial names, and has worked with companies such as Amazon, Bank of America, and JP Morgan Chase. R3’s biggest asset is their original platform, known as Corda. Corda exists for DApps to be built on it, or what they call CorDapps.

R3 has a fantastic track record in the banking and financial sectors, but can be somewhat vertical and limited because of this. Similar to ConsenSys, R3 tends to only take on rather large projects that are aiming to greatly disrupt global industries, so they are likely not who you want to approach with smaller, more low-level blockchain needs.


#4: IBM Hyperledger



IBM is obviously a massive name in tech, and they have dabbled a bit with hyperledger technology. IBM Hyperledger puts a lot of emphasis on consultancy. Compared to the other companies in this Top 5 list, they are much less willing to roll up their sleeves and make your use case a reality. Additionally, they are generally focused on the point-of-sale side of the equation, and are less driven to pursue much of the nitty gritty. They are also not decentralized, which is something to consider.

If you can put these admittedly impactful points aside, IBM Hyperledger is an absolutely fantastic company to work with. They have a ton of experience and significant financial backing. So if you feel that your project is one that fits into the IBM Hyperledger mold, you should absolutely reach out to them.


#5: Deloitte

Deloitte as a whole has yearly revenue of over $40 billion USD, thanks in large part to being one of the “Big Four” accounting organizations. Like many wise financial giants, they realized fairly early on that blockchain technology was an area they needed to get into, and one that had the potential to shake many industries to their core. Since then, they have been very successful with their blockchain advisory services. New York City was their second blockchain lab, following Dublin, Ireland.

If there is a knock against Deloitte’s blockchain advisory services, it is that they are rather impersonal, and it can sometimes be difficult for them to be as effective as they can when the blockchain project in question is not one that can easily fit into one of their boxes. Additionally, as they are a part of an incredibly large company, they can suffer from some of the speed and agility issues that are always associated with large companies.



If you have a blockchain project or idea that you are looking for professional, experienced help with, there are few places better to be than New York City. The blockchain scene here has been thriving for years, and the presence of large companies, such as those mentioned in this article, prove that. While some of them got into blockchain as an afterthought, BlockchainDriven was forged and molded in the early days of the then small NYC blockchain community. They have a very good understanding of blockchain on the whole, and are very well connected in the NYC blockchain community, which is why they got the #1 spot on this list.

Now is a fantastic time to seek out consultancy for your blockchain idea or ongoing project, and there are many industries ripe for disruption. Go and be decentralized!

Young Wu Shin

Young Woo is a blockchain and finance expert and writer who has a keen interest in Artificial Intelligence's future impact on every aspect of our lives.