Blockchain Innovation in Startups [11 Companies Changing the Game]

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Startups rise and fall everyday, but if your startup is on the blockchain, things are almost always looking up. It’s easy to say that most startups fail and blockchain is still an uncertain technology, but in terms of tractability, the technology itself is in a blue ocean, since its distributed nature invites collaboration between companies and individuals in the ecosystem.

For that reason, blockchain startups as a whole are in a unique position to reshape entire industries. And, while adoption by large corporations, such as that by Microsoft in partnership with Bank of America Merrill Lynch in June, has been forecasting comprehensive blockchain integration across tech companies and financial firms, the technology is still quite nascent and has lots of room to grow.

There are even startups that, while not blockchain themselves, seek to make waves in the crypto and blockchain space. RoninAi for example, a crypto trading and investment tool, using machine learning to analyze the market sending buy/sell signals back to the users empowering them to make smart investments and higher profits.

Financial executives, in particular, are extremely wary of small blockchain startup teams’ innovations due to the disintermediative property of the technology. If you give consumers full-service, financial firm-mimicking apps at little to no cost, and financial firms will become obsolete. Yet it’s not just financial firms that the technology is rattling. Here are 11 game-changing blockchain startups across industries poised to change the way we manage every part of our lives:



consensys ethereum nyc blockchain startup


Consensys is an Ethereum-enabled blockchain venture foundry, building Ethereum-powered companies and apps to create a decentralized computing ecosystem. Their goal is to create the next iteration of the internet, or Web 3.0, based entirely on blockchain technology. Its co-founders, Joseph Lubin and Vitalik Buterin, co-founded and invented Ethereum, and their expertise in this area will help them make this new venture as big of a success as Ethereum.

Digital Asset Holdings


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Digital Asset Holdings, led by Blythe Masters—formerly JPMorgan’s youngest-ever Managing Director and pioneer of the credit default swap—builds distributed, encrypted processing tools to improve financial transaction efficiency and security. I wrote about this type of blockchain innovation in a previous article, which you can find here.



axionv crypto investing startup innovation fund nyc


AxionV is a smarter way to invest. It is an agile AI crypto fund that uses complex trading strategies that human investors simply cannot replicate. AxionV removes the human error from investing, and its team of experienced finance and tech industry leaders is sure to disrupt crypto spending as we know it. I got a sneak peek at AxionV at an event a couple weeks ago. The AxionV team has since worked on a new product aimed at empowering individuals to make their own smarter trades. This saas tool, RoninAi is a repurposed version of the underlying Ai technology used by the AxionV crypto hedgefund. The tool launches in mid summer and is designed for users of any skill level.



funderbeam investing blockchain crypto startup nyc


Funderbeam is a blockchain-based stock exchange for funding early- and growth-stage companies, and equity trading as well. It offers smart contracts to shareholders and facilitates transactions across borders, using blockchain’s transparency and security to full effect.



hijro trading blockchain startup innovation nyc


Hijro is a blockchain global trading and finance platform, allowing participants to optimize supply chain operations and working capital. Its marketplace functionality also allows financial institutions and businesses on every side to transact between one another. This type of disruption to the supply chain is desperately needed, and you can read more about how the industry will be disrupted in my article on blockchain innovation in the supply chain, here.



blockstack decentralize internet blockchain startup nyc


Blockstack is going further than perhaps every startup before it: it is using blockchain to decentralize the internet. The Blockstack platform allows developers to make serverless applications, freeing them from needing to run servers or keep daabases, and allowing users to control the data they put into such a decentralized internet. From a technical standpoint, the platform consists of a decentralized DNS and decentralized public key infrastructure.

Vida Identity


vida blockchain startup identity security nyc


Vida Identity, as the name suggests, develops blockchain identity data security software to enterprise-level companies. The software circumvents company servers, allowing users to place user information on the blockchain. Managing user information like this decentralizes identity theft and fraud risk, empowering users to know their information is in their own hands.



ripplenet blockchain innovation startup nyc


Ripple connects banks, payment providers, digital asset exchanges, and corporations via their proprietary technology, RippleNet, a blockchain-based payments network, to “provide one frictionless experience to send money globally.” As a cryptocurrency, it is #3 in market cap (behind only Ethereum and Bitcoin), and has been around since 2012. Ripple’s innovations will help it maintain its spot as one of the world’s top blockchain companies.



symbiont crypto market startup blockchain innovation nyc


Symbiont develops blockchain-enabled capital markets smart contracts and distributed ledger products. Last month, it unveiled its Assembly blockchain, which is able to transact at 10,000x the speed of the Bitcoin blockchain. The company’s CEO, Adam Krellenstein, has publicly stated that Assembly’s transaction speed surpass even VisaNet’s, at 87,000 transactions per second. Its partners include the State of Delaware and Credit Suisse.



canaan blockchain innovation startup nyc


Around since 2012, Canaan is the leader in blockchain server production and solution architecture, specializing in Bitcoin mining. In May, they raised $43 million to diversify the business, making that the largest-ever investment announced by a Bitcoin mining business. They are one of the largest makers of ASIC mining chips, and their diversification push has since been focused on software services and enterprise blockchain offerings.



bitfury bitcoin mining startup blockchain innovation nyc


BitFury is the leading fully integrated Bitcoin and Blockchain security infrastructure provider, designing and developing industry-leading custom ASIC mining chips, PCB servers, and data centers focused on helping businesses, governments, organizations, and individuals securely move assets through the blockchain.

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