Blockchain ICO is Breaking into the $12 Trillion Consumer Market

Consumers are always looking for a better way to shop smarter, save, and make money without huge amounts of effort or thought, and that’s what consumer cash back networks allow you to do. Unlike traditional cash back rewards on credit cards, clubs like Fluz Fluz can massively amplify the rewards earned by multiplying rewards through a network.

This digital shopping club experience that offers consumers an impressive rewards incentive program has announced that they will be incorporating blockchain into their current technology in order to offer not only cash back rewards, but the ability to exchange points earned for Fiat and cryptocurrency as well. The new tech will give the entire system added security and transparency too.

The original app is already quite appealing and running smoothly with over 40 thousand members across the world using it. They are the first global consumer cash back network and their use case for blockchain is a unique and creative way to use the latest cutting edge technology.

“The company is studying to introduce elements from the blockchain technology in order to further enhance the security and transparency of its cash back network structure” says Stefan Krautwald, co-founder of Fluz Fluz.

Incorporating blockchain has also allowed for an incredibly unique opportunity during their ICO period. Members of cash back incentive networks offer the biggest rewards to those who establish large networks, but with Fluz token purchased through the ICO, it’s actually possible to use the digital coins to purchase premium seats within the network to maximize rewards.

Such an opportunity is rarely available and worth looking into. Fluz Fluz has taken great consideration into how to better their system while offering incredible benefits to early investors in the new technology based on an already highly functional business model.

The original app allowed users to purchase digital gifts cards with rewards based on how much they and those in their network spend. With a premium spot within this network it’s easy to see how quickly the rewards can stack up. Fluz token sale starts January 2018.

Jonah Gaynor

Staff Writer

Jonah is a Staff Writer at Silicon NYC’s advice section. He is a native New Yorker, with a passion for technology and he has experience working with startups in New York City.