Advancements in Crypto Ai and Development Underway

RoninAi is an upcoming crypto trading tool that analyzes over 100 unique metrics and utilizes the latest technological advancements in artificial intelligence and machine learning to offer traders a complete picture of where the market is and where it is headed.

SiliconNYC was able to get a sneak peek into RoninAi, and we believe it will be the most technically advanced and dynamic option on the market, and their development process is currently operating at full steam ahead.

What we see is extremely promising, and we believe that RoninAi is positioned to dominate the crypto tool space. One thing about RoninAi that impressed us was how they were undertaking the development process. They were training the Ai in a very scientific way and paid incredible attention to detail, which filled us with a lot of confidence in the team. They recently released an Ai development update on their website, which is found here.

Here is some of what came out of this latest update:

Data transfer subsystem


Image courtesey of RoninAi


This element of the neural network system enables the neural core to receive data in what the RoninAi team is calling the “training mode.” As data is fed to the neural network, the Ai gives an output that can be compared to the optimal output. This allows the team to make small adjustments and feed the Ai more and more data until the Ai is perfected and reliably delivers the best possible output for any given market state.

This subsystem of the neural network is one element of RoninAi that has been catching the eye of so many in the world of blockchain and cryptocurrency. Receiving this update that the data transfer subsystem was completed is an excellent sign that the RoninAi team is proficient in development and is delivering on all of the buzz-worthy technical features that got so many excited when the product was announced.

Time series data transmission mode


Image courtesy of RoninAi


This mode is perhaps the most technically advanced one that we were able to get a look at, and its creation and high functioning nature affords RoninAi significantly more capabilities than the other crypto tools we have seen in the past. This functionality allows the data being fed to the powerful RoninAi neural network to be analyzed and processed over different time frames.

In the fully released product, we were told that RoninAi will be able to examine the current market through several time frames, learning whether a price spike is indicative of future growth or a quick price correction based on running previous data points through this time series data transmission mode. This sort of dynamic analysis of previous and current market conditions is something that is seriously lacking from current crypto tools, especially those simplistic bots that alert users when trends have been recognized.

Those bots tend to put no emphasis on the bigger picture surrounding market conditions, while RoninAi examines data through more than 100 crucial lenses to come to the correct conclusion about the future prices of cryptocurrencies and whether or not investing would be a smart idea at any given time. This is what makes RoninAi’s powerful and complex Ai system miles ahead of anything that a bot could attempt.

Here is a sneak peek at something else we saw:

Source data-based autotuning module


Image courtesy of RoninAi


RoninAi teased this module at the end of their most recent Ai and development update, and it looks to be quite a promising and important feature to the final product. This autotuning module enables RoninAi to remain at the same level of precision and quality as its initial release date (or even improved!). Conditions in the cryptocurrency market are constantly changing, and the autotuning module that was shown to us during its development phase looked really promising and technologically cutting edge.

Since RoninAi hasn’t released full information on it, we won’t release all of what we saw, but more information about this module is likely to come out in a future Ai and development update on the RoninAi website.

This article only featured a few of the central update points that RoninAi discussed in their latest Ai and development update. The entire announcement can be found here.

Young Woo Shin

Young Woo is a blockchain and finance expert and writer who has a keen interest in Artificial Intelligence's future impact on every aspect of our lives.