Future of Blockchain [Expert Panel Weighs In]

We were excited to attend the sold out event, Future of Blockchain. It was highly anticipated event and sold out 2 weeks in advance. BlockchainNYC.org events have done an amazing job of bringing blockchain knowledge to New York City so we wanted to explore what will be happening at this sold out event.

With an amazing panel line up from MUFG head of blockchain (biggest bank in japan for those not in the know) , Consensys based Ujo Music, IOTA foundation, and BlockchainDriven expert talking the Future of Blockchain, the stage was set for some amazing fireworks.

We networked over beer and wine and saw people from various industries to mingle with. Wall Street (JP Morgan, Barclays, etc), logistics, startups, New York City representatives, retail and many more.

While we’ve been to several blockchain events, we were really surprised by the level of insight and expertise of this phenomenal panel. Turns out MUFG announced releasing their own blockchain token just that morning, and we were in for a treat with the Head of the Innovation Division at MUFG as a speaker in attendance.


Here was the lineup of amazing speakers:

Momoe Amano

As the Vice President of the MUFG (the biggest bank in Japan) Digital Strategy Department, Momoe is leading a team to assess new and emerging technologies to identify potential use cases and to coordinate proof of concept on blockchain. She is currently focused on exploring and potentially utilizing Blockchain technology as a cross-border payment platform at MUFG.

On the day of the event, there was a major announcement about Japan’s new cryptocurrency being spearheaded by its largest bank, MUFG. Having their head of blockchain here in NYC and speaking on the subject the day of was huge both for the attendees and journalists at the event.

Jack Spallone

For the past four years, Jack has explored money transmission in digital IP supply chains and their applicability with decentralized, shared infrastructure with Consensys. Today, Jack drives the product vision for Ujo Music, which is built on Ethereum blockchain, building open source, service, and application level architecture for programmatic licensing and royalty management for the music business.

Kevin Chen

IOTA, one of the hottest blockchain projects over the past year, has skyrocketed in both the price of its IOTA cryptocurrency as well as the blockchain technology behind it. IOTA enables companies to explore new business-2-business models by making every technological resource a potential service to be traded on an open market in real time, with no fees.

Peter Borovykh

BlockchainDriven Solution Architect Peter is a renowned speaker on blockchain and its future possibilities and has been featured in numerous publications such as Business Insider, MSN, Future Trends, Yahoo Finance, Fortune, Inside Bitcoins, and many others. Peter has spoken at conferences on blockchain and crypto markets around the globe.

The consultancy works on numerous projects making blockchain adoption possible for companies across all industries, from understanding blockchain applications and use cases, to full development. Peter’s expertise really hit home with the audience, showing them how blockchain has been utilized and where progress is heading.


Easily the fastest growing space in tech, blockchain innovations are occuring at light speed. This panel of experts was a clear example of how such innovators are using the technology to globalize and disrupt their given industries.

From the turn out it is evident that blockchain has evolved into its own flourishing ecosystem with exponential growth and potential. As more companies seek out services such as those provided by BlockchainDriven consulting, the complexity and opportunities of blockchain becomes easier to comprehend and actualize, allowing companies to position or solidify themselves as leading industry innovators.

Speaking to the event organizers, they shared in the excitement of blockchain interest and stated they would be procuring larger spaces so more people can attend in the future.

Kim Adsitt

Managing Editor

As a New York resident for over 12 years, Kim is passionate about developing technology in New York City. She has created original online media and groundbreaking content strategy for numerous startups and has become a leading expert in startup news. Specializing in content creation and editing, she manages the team at Silicon to produce high quality, engaging tech content and insight from the leading players in the NYC tech field. Kim has been an avid follower of all things blockchain, iot, ai, and crypto and its disruptive potential in a multitude of industries. She seeks to bring the latest innovative news, applications and use cases to the public.