Increased Productivity: Why it’s Not Just a Buzzword

There is no denying that there is no industry that is evolving as fast as digital marketing. There are more and more challenges in digital marketing that make it increasingly difficult for an in-house team to keep up with the latest developments. We are not suggesting that it might be impossible, but it certainly feels that way a lot of the time.

Increased Efficiency

Even though you might not have a great deal of digital marketing experience available in house, you can use a specialist agency that can help you achieve your desired digital marketing goals. These are just a handful of ways that doing so can help your New York business.


Benefit #1 – Your Existing Staff Becomes More Efficient

There are companies that try to have existing employees pick up the slack rather than rely on SEO experts, content writers, social media personnel, and in-house marketers who actually have experience and a proper education.. It is important to understand that these staff members might not be skilled in the area and dumping the marketing burden onto existing employees is only going to reduce productivity and increases the likelihood of burnout after it is all said and done. This means that your marketing efforts are going to lack effectiveness and consistency and you are placing a drain on your staff. 

Digital Marketing Efforts that Equal Results

The moment that you outsource some of your digital marketing efforts, you are able to maintain momentum in the marketplace. By doing so, you are able to continue your marketing efforts as effectively as possible. You have one centralized focus point where your marketing efforts are heading towards and originating from.

scaling growth

Benefit #2 – You are Able to Scale Accordingly

We have all seen it before – the economy becomes a bit more of a challenge and we need to cut costs to remain viable. For most companies, marketing is the first thing to go. Marketing is often (mistakenly) seen as a “discretionary” expense. When times are good, marketing often gets more of a budget to play with – this is contrarian to what seems like should be “normal” proceedings.

Easily Scale

We have to remember that both expanding and reducing the marketing budget can be expensive. There are costs associated with reducing or canceling your marketing activities. In the long term, we have to worry about an erosion of the knowledge base, staffing losses, and attrition.

If you focus on the traditional in-house marketing concepts, the only way that you can increase your marketing team is by actively hiring more employees. However, it would be far more flexible to have a digital marketing agency at the ready that can increase or decrease the number of people currently working on your digital marketing strategy as you see fit.


Benefit #3 – An Outside Perspective

Once you have an in-house marketing perspective (or worse yet, have to do all the marketing yourself) it becomes easy to lose sight of the big picture. Because you are forced to wear so many hats, you tend to be immersed in the day-to-day activity. This means that you are becoming distracted and cannot see what needs to happen in order to get to where you are going. Employees might be fearful of bringing up concerns or introducing new ideas, all because they do not want to lose their job.

Stay Ahead of the Competition

If you are involved in the day-to-day, (literally everyday) it becomes increasingly difficult to look at your current strategy from the perspective of your audience. You might know your business, you might live it, breathe it, but you are unable to distance yourself from it. You need to get out of your current perspective and see what your audience sees. You cannot just look at the perspective of your company, you need a customer perspective.

When working with an outside agency, you are able to get fresh perspectives. This does not mean that your current strategy is unsuccessful or “bad,” it just means that you should always be willing to freshen up your strategy in an effort to remain as relevant as possible. This is where you are going to get the most from your business challenges.


Make Yourself Seen: You Cannot Afford Not To

The truth is that you do not need a digital marketing agency to market yourself – but you do need one to market yourself effectively. Given that there is so much competition in New York and the surrounding area, it would be ill advised to ignore the facts – you need to be seen in order to compete.  

Keep Your Eye on The Prize

Do not allow yourself to take your eye of the prize. If you are not actively working on making sure that your product or service is constantly getting better, your competitor will. By focusing exclusively on what you know and are good at, you are putting yourself in the best possible position to succeed

Kim Adsitt

Managing Editor

As a New York resident for over 12 years, Kim is passionate about developing technology in New York City. She has created original online media and groundbreaking content strategy for numerous startups and has become a leading expert in startup news. Specializing in content creation and editing, she manages the team at Silicon to produce high quality, engaging tech content and insight from the leading players in the NYC tech field. Kim has been an avid follower of all things blockchain, iot, ai, and crypto and its disruptive potential in a multitude of industries. She seeks to bring the latest innovative news, applications and use cases to the public.