RoninAi Launches “Ai Execution Box” at Blockchain Week Kick Off Event

NYC Blockchain Week 2019 starts this coming Thursday and NYC is getting ready to receive a week of blockchain immersion with experts, leaders and enthusiasts, to exchange ideas and to learn about the newest blockchain wonders.

With 100+ different events and thousands of people gathered here from around the world, Blockchain Week NYC is the biggest conglomeration of events in the world for the blockchain industry. There’s a core of main conferences such as Consensus, Ethereal and Fluidity; in addition to the number of events to be held from May 10th to May 18th across New York City.

This year, Blockchain Week kicked off with a happy hour at Slate, a swanky lounge in the heart of Manhattan. It had a very special speaker in the form of Peter Borovykh, a known personality and an expert in the blockchain space.

The event had over 200 guests on hand ready to network, exchange ideas and to fuel excitement about Blockchain Week happenings. There were industry veterans, enthusiasts, startups and large corporations such as IBM in the mix.

Peter Borovykh co-founder and CIO of RoninAi, was invited to be the guest speaker at the event and announced Ronin’s new product, “Ai Execution Box” and it’s upcoming release.

The use of the new product is surprisingly simple. In Peter words  “Trading cryptocurrency has never been easy, and no one can be awake 24/7. With RoninAi box, you no longer have to awake at 3am or interrupt your meeting with boss. With execution box you can, connect it to Wi-Fi , plug it in, choose your trading strategy and your risk preference, connect to exchange and Ai will take it from there..”

Infact, in recent news, RoninAi was featured as the spotlight project in collaboration with a BeQuant, a crypto exchange on the future developments in the crypto trading space.

“In the cryptocurrency space, there is constant evolution and change, Bequant is actively involved in pursuing innovative ways for traders and institutions to interact with cryptocurrency. Our partnership with RoninAi is the next stop to empower crypto community and to be on the forefront of innovation.

-George Zarya, Ceo, Bequant”

Blockchain week officially starts May 10th and there are hundreds of various events, ranging from networking, to full conferences; speaker sessions to fireside chats, held throughout the city. From business leaders, to traders, developers or crypto enthusiasts you can find all kind of interesting gatherings.

Hopefully you were able to join us at the event, and if not, you can see details at RoninAi for the “Execution Box” that was announced.

Helder Goncalves

As a journalism and communications major, Helder has always been passionate about emerging projects and new technology from all over the world. He has been an important bridge of communication, flourishing on the creation of strategies and communication channels within the worldwide tech industry. He seeks continuous learning and is always up to date with recent advances within the tech world. He is based in New York City and covers a range of topics across emerging tech.