9 Most Popular Cryptocurrencies to Invest in and Why

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Cryptocurrency investing is on the rise, and more than ever, people want to know which cryptocurrencies they should invest in right now. We compiled expert opinions from our experienced founding members into the following 9 cryptocurrencies that you should invest in right now:


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Litecoin, similarly to Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash, is a singular project that is aiming to bring cryptocurrency to mainstream usability across the globe. Many see Litecoin as the cryptocurrency that is most successful in doing that thus far, as its price does not fluctuate as strongly as Bitcoin’s does. As Litecoin (at the time of writing) sits at under $100 USD, now is the time to jump on board the Litecoin train before it gets too expensive.


ICON, which many in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space refer to as “Korean Ethereum”, is an on the rise cryptocoin in a prime position to skyrocket up the crypto ladder. The Korean blockchain space is thought of by many experts as the next part of the world to dominate the crypto space. And when it does, ICON will undoubtedly be a critical part of that process. ICON has been praised by several of RoninAi’s founding members, many of whom believe that it is a cryptocurrency to invest in if you believe blockchain’s Korean trend will continue.


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Ethereum, the clear frontrunner for second most popular cryptocurrency, is an incredibly important player for the wider blockchain and cryptocurrency world. It operates as the platform that more than half of all cryptocurrency projects are built on, thanks to its Turing-complete nature and strong business connections through the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance. If you’re looking to bet on the promising future of blockchain, investing in Ethereum is a smart move. If you are interested in more information on why Ethereum is such a smart investment, we covered that information here.


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Still under a year old, EOS is yet another coin directly tied to the future of blockchain technology. It provides infrastructure to blockchain application ventures, including a developer portal and venture capital funding for those looking to take blockchain to the next level. Since its launch, EOS has risen massively in the cryptocurrency space, and is certainly now a household name.

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