Breakout NYC Blockchain & Ai Event Coverage

Last night’s Blockchain & Ai: Next Frontier of Technology event had spectacular turn out, incredible networking, and deeply insightful information from a panel of speakers who were clearly experts in the field. We were excited to learn the possibilities for the fusion of these two technologies, more on the tech itself and how it affects the crypto market here.

Here’s a quick recap.


The event started with the unveiling of RoninAi, an Ai powered online crypto investment and trading tool akin to an automated financial advisor, but for crypto. The tool processes hundreds of thousands of data points and analyzes them in the blink of an eye to achieve results that no other tool to date can match.

It was an exciting first glimpse into the awesome abilities of Ai machine learning, and because of RoninAi’s function, the crowd showed great interest. Peter Borovykh, the speaker who made the announcement and Head of Algorithmic Trading Strategies for the AxionV Ai crypto hedgefund that was the mastermind of this project, offered a two day discount for the tool so check it out at

Here is a quick video to give you a glimpse of the announcement and what RoninAi is aiming to accomplish.

The panel featured three amazing speakers.

Dennis Mortensen, CEO at X.Ai, an artificial intelligence assis

tant. The startup is focused on the automation of repetitive tasks. He is also an analytics instructor at the University of British Columbia and the author of “Data Driven Insights”, on collecting and analyzing digital data.

Abraham Greenstein, with a PHD in computer science and Director of Data Science and Ai at AppNexus. Abraham oversees the designing and development of machine learning and Ai that will power AppNexus’ next generation optimization ideas and data.

And Peter Borovykh, mentioned above, who is also the Solutions Architect with Blockchain Driven, a blockchain consultancy. Peter is also the author of “Blockchain Applications in Finance” and a high level consultant in the blockchain field.


They went back and forth discussing why a fusion of blockchain and Ai creates such enormous potential. Fusing decentralization, security, and trust, with the power of Ai data processing and analysis. They gave amazing use cases covering everything from personal/professional digital secretaries, self driving cars, retail, banking. While the public won’t be seeing these sort of projects in the months to come, we can definitely expect them to start popping up in the near future, maybe even just a few years from now.

The field in blockchain and Ai, especially in development, is growing at a rapid rate, meaning jobs are in high demand with few people who are trained for it. The opportunities are staggering and the speakers emphasized that those interested in this space would do well to start learning as much as they can and get in early.


Many giant enterprises, Walmart for example, already use Ai and machine learning. Blockchain however is a newer technology, so it’ll be awhile before we see a full fusion of these technologies. When successfully done, the public won’t even know these technologies have been integrated as it’ll be a seamless transition to smart decision making and decentralized data.

The discount on RoninAi Crypto Trading Tools is available to Silicon NYC readers as well for a limited time. Be sure to check out for their Early Access Sale!

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