Exclusive, In-Depth Event Coverage of EOS, Hyperledger, Ethereum [Video]

The Blockchain Adoption in Business and Enterprise Event that was held at eBay NYC recently, featured an incredible panel of speakers from EOS, Hyperledger, Ethereum, and BlockchainDriven. These completely different blockchain solutions came together to discuss not just the technology, but what businesses are doing, the mistakes being made, and what’s coming up in the future.

Days before the event itself, it was completely sold out. For those that missed it, here’s the full in-depth coverage.

Organized by BlockchainNYC.org, the largest blockchain group in New York City, it was completely a sold out event with audience members from R3, IBM, Microsoft and more.

While the networking opportunities were phenomenal, the highlight of the event was the stellar panel of speakers from Hyperledger, Consensys/Ethereum, EOS, and BlockchainDriven. Audience members had the opportunity to speak with these insightful leaders of blockchain afterwards, but the real gem was the panel discussion.

Each of the speakers spoke about their respective companies, then moved onto the bulk of the event, discussing blockchain and distributed ledger technologies on an enterprise level. For those who missed it, here’s a full coverage of what these tech giants and what they had to share.

Here’s Full Video Coverage of the Event:

Karen Ottoni from Hyperledger cleared up some common misconceptions. “Hyperledger is a consortium, not a blockchain. It has 250 members plus an open source community of developers, 10 technologies, 5 frameworks and tools, most famously, Fabric.”

When asked about how Hyperledger can be applied as a blockchain solution for enterprises she responded that Hyperledger is a codebase for anyone to use that’s open source and for any industry. While not a blockchain and limited in scaling potential, there are tools to link frameworks, such as Quill, and in the future companies that start on Hyperledger may be able to hopefully scale to a blockchain.

Kevin Rose talked about EOS, a dApp development platform with only 21 nodes, which increases transaction per second having only a half second of block time for the end user. His stance for the evening was that, “blockchain is the foundation that nations will be built on. Innovation should be guided and fostered, not persecuted.”

Peter Borovykh, a consultant at BlockchainDriven (BCD), discussed his recent work travelling to emerging countries in Latin America, Central Asia, Eastern Europe, and more recently the Middle East. “Emerging countries are the ones with higher need and interest in blockchain. Few US companies are using revolutionary thinking to take data and transactions into the future. The US is severely lagging behind.”

Phil Kelly from Consensys, the largest blockchain company in the world and focused on Ethereum, cited that the blockchain field lacks talent, both in developers and in user experience/user interface (UX/UI).


Jacob Zimmerman

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