Complete Guide to Blockchain Jobs And Careers in 2020

Despite the current climate, blockchain is still on the rise. The industry has been growing and gaining more hype, and it is quickly infiltrating many other industries. Companies across the globe are expanding and implementing blockchain technology into their practices. BlockDriven Academy has made it a point to look into not only the companies hiring, but the different career paths you can take. No longer are the only jobs in blockchain just development. We are now seeing positions open for project managers, market analysts and even human resources. 

BlockDriven Academy noticed that there was a big gap between the knowledge that people needed to start a career in blockchain and the availability of such knowledge. Their goal is to give you the knowledge, community, and empowerment you need to transition your career into blockchain. With exclusive live streams with some of the leaders in blockchain, in-depth career guides, up-to-the-minute curated blockchain news, a growing community of diverse blockchain professionals, and much, much more.

Take a look at some of the most recently published career guides that take an in-depth look into the different career paths you can take, the skills hiring managers are looking for and the companies that are hiring:

Project Management

Responsible for leading a team to complete a given task from initiation all the way to completion, Project Manager positions are on the rise at companies such as IBM and banking institutions like JP Morgan. 

2020 Project Management Blockchain Career Guide [In-depth Analysis]

Market Analysis

Most industries use market research conducted by analysts and such analysts are employed throughout the economy. They help blockchain companies understand what people want, who will buy them, and at what price.

2020 Market Analyst Blockchain Career Guide [In-depth Analysis]

Product Management

The rise of Product Management positions over the past two decades is primarily thanks to the immense growth of the technology sector. New revolutionary products have been produced and put on the market at record rates. With this boom, product management became a must, especially for technological firms.

Product Management 2020 Blockchain Career Guide [In-depth Analysis]

Blockchain Development

Blockchain developers will play crucial roles during this boom in order to bring companies’ initial ideas and projects into tangible production. The need for blockchain developers is increasing exponentially in order to keep up with the many ideas and innovations being brought into this growing space. 

2020 Blockchain Development Career Guide [In-depth analysis]

Business Development

Sales roles are standard in most businesses, but what does the role mean in blockchain? With blockchain being utilized in more companies, business development is geared towards looking at profiting from partnerships and being able to market their company’s solutions.

Business Development Careers in Blockchain [In-depth Analysis]

Human Resources

Human Resources is an integral part of knowing how to find the right applicant for the growing number of blockchain jobs, and with many relevant industries starting to incorporate blockchain into their businesses, there are more opportunities to get involved in the world of blockchain than ever before.  

2020 Human Resources in Blockchain Career Guide


For marketing and branding professionals who want to explore the blockchain space, there are excellent opportunities as a growing number of blockchain businesses and startups need marketing specialists to build their brand and reputation.

2020 Marketing in Blockchain Career Guide [In-depth Analysis]

Whether you’re looking to break into a new blockchain career path or just want to expand on your current skills, BlockDriven Academy is a great place to start. For more information visit

Paul Lennie

Paul is a Scottish finance expert who moved to New York in 2002 to trade on Wall Street, and has been a blockchain and cryptocurrency advocate since 2013. He is a well-respected member of the global blockchain community, and has worked with banks and other large corporations on integrating blockchain technology into their businesses.