Trading Crypto Workshop: Blockchain and Beyond

As the blockchain and crypto space grows at a breathtaking pace, it’s critical to keep up with the latest news, practices, and techniques, particularly in crypto trading which is still quite new and unknown territory for most. Even veterans in regular trading, can be taken aback by the extreme volatility and fluctuation of crypto markets such as bitcoin and ethereum.  

With that in mind I attended the Trading Cryptocurrenices Workshop which was held near Wall St in Manhattan at Bond Collective. A beautiful space that felt tailor made for the workshop. Price of admission was $500 per spot and was sold out weeks in advance.

The amount of insight gleaned from this workshop was astounding; I learned just how much I didn’t know about crypto trading, blockchain, and distributed ledgers despite keeping up with all the trends. This type of deep dive is necessary for anyone who is involved in the space, it seemed like I knew a lot until I realized that most of that was just scratching the surface.

The speaker, Peter Borovykh who is renowned in the blockchain and fintech world and author of Blockchain Applications in Finance, went into great detail on the inner workings of blockchain and fintech and quickly dispelled any mysteries, confusion, and misinformation which abound in the field. Peter himself is the blockchain solution architect for BlockchainDriven and head of quantitative trading strategies at AxionV, AI crypto hedgefund and he is a quant who has created his own algorithmic trading strategies based on quantifying the market sentiment and leveraging the emotion of market participants.

I’d feared I wouldn’t be able to keep up but that wasn’t the case at all. He covered a lot of ground in this workshop, defining and shedding light on the cryptocurrency space, how to get started, the best strategies, how it is evolving, how to make returns, adjusting strategies, how to find right trading strategy for you, how to invest in long term, and knowing when to buy or sell.

It was a rare opportunity for anyone, from experience traders to those with limited knowledge on the field, to be able to take part in the new investment opportunities presented by blockchain and cryptocurrencies. Normally such information has been heavily guarded, even hoarded, but Peter showed how anyone could tap into it.

Crypto based assets, used as an alternative medium of exchange and a source of funding for blockchain-based projects, have tremendous growth potential. However, a number of proven trading algorithms and strategies could further maximize this growth potential while mitigating risk. It’s so important that the pool of investors grows for blockchain technology to really take off and Peter’s workshop accomplished that, further proving that open information really is the key to innovation.

A decentralized technology characterized by a distributed network of participants revolutionizes payments and money transfers, encourages the development of diverse capital markets, and smooths transactions by totally removing third-party intermediaries. This workshop proved that the blockchain opportunity is here for anyone and everyone. All in all, it was great learning experience for me and opened up my eyes on the opportunity as an investor in the blockchain space.

The key is knowing how to tap into it.

Jonah Gaynor

Staff Writer

Jonah is a Staff Writer at Silicon NYC’s advice section. He is a native New Yorker, with a passion for technology and he has experience working with startups in New York City.