Ethereal Summit 2019 Shouts: Crypto Spring is Here

Hundreds of events taking place during Blockchain NYC week, with thousands of people around the world gathering for the latest cryptocurrency and blockchain projects and developments. Among them Ethereal Summit is a linchpin event of NY Blockchain Week 2019.  

Every year hundreds of participants gather in Brooklyn to partake in Ethereal.

It’s a much more relaxed and good vibes event, than other more formal ones, such as Fluidity or Consensus. The colorful shirts, hair and relaxed clothing abound, the Ethereal summit kicked off on Friday with a line up full of Ethereum related projects.

Talks of scalability, interoperability and Ai were part of the big discussion. On the panel of “Smart Contract War is Coming” Ryan Selkis of Mesari, makes a point that Ethereum is still far from internet 3.0, and Ethereum can be satisfied if it captures Decentralized finance (Defi). The event was supercharged with number of great panels and speakers. We picked some of the more memorable ones for you.   


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Helder Goncalves

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