Crown Mouldings: What to Look for and Where to Get Them

Some spell it molding, some spell it moulding. But no matter how you spell it, crown mouldings are the finishing touches on every great room. They’re not called “crowns” for nothing. Unfortunately, a poorly executed crown moulding can make it look more like a disheveled baseball cap than a crown. We looked into the best plastering contractors and plaster repairs to find which companies are the best for you.

Elegance, effectiveness, and craftsmanship are what you should be looking for in a crown moulding. The corner block especially need to look good from all angles and in profile. While certainly one of the best known moulding types, we get a lot of questions from people who are looking for an education on what they should look for in a good crown moulding, so we figured we’d lay the groundwork that would allow readers to find the best crown moulding for their project.


Plaster, Plastic, or Wood?

The material being used on a crown moulding is crucial. Plastic, for the lower end projects, is a completely reasonable option, as it keeps the price low and gets a decent amount of bang for your buck. Of course, with cutting costs there also comes a decent amount of quality cuts on the end result. Plastic crown mouldings may pass the eye test if they’re only looked at for a few seconds, but they simply stick out like a sore thumb when enough time passes. When they exist in rooms where a lot of time is spent, such as any room in a home or office, plastic crown mouldings over time will simply make clear that they lack the beauty and organic craftsmanship that is found in plaster crown mouldings.

Wood crown mouldings are increasing in popularity as of late, as they can mostly replicate the grace and elegance of plaster mouldings. Unpainted, they can go nicely with a wooden, rustic-feeling room. Painted, which is usually the strategy for more elegant and traditional rooms, gets most of the way to replicating the organic look of plaster crown mouldings. However, there are some inherent issues with wood that simply cannot be… painted over. Wood is much more easily damaged than plaster, and any small damage to the moulding will leave a much larger lasting mark than with plaster.

Plaster mouldings look the best and are more durable than crown mouldings using other materials. You can call it traditional, but plaster crown mouldings are simply the best option out there. The organic beauty of plaster and the room for craftsmanship that the material offers cannot be replicated in plastic or wood crown mouldings.

Crown mouldings bring class to every room they’re in. In fact, our eyes are so trained to appreciate crown mouldings over centuries, that when rooms don’t have crown mouldings, they tend to feel a bit off. 


Where Can I Get Crown Mouldings?



Firstly, and most importantly, when purchasing a crown moulding, you should make sure that there is real craftsmanship being put into the moulding. Some companies have a warehouse of mechanically produced crown mouldings, but these companies don’t offer unique tailoring to your specific situation. What are the dimensions of the room? How high are the ceilings? What is the existing look and feel of the room? Snagging a true craftsman to make crown mouldings for you mean that they will be able to take these questions into account.

One of the big names in plaster and moulding in New York City is Hyde Park, even though they actually aren’t based in the city, but rather on Long Island. They have a long history of doing good work in the area. However, they take advantage of this by offering less tailored products and a less hands-on approach. This, combined with their generally higher prices, makes Hyde Park a good, but not great option for crown mouldings.

Arkada, on the other hand, is a leading, internationally successful plaster and mouldings company in New York City. With years of working across the globe with some of the biggest fashion brands in the world, Arkada’s track record of breathtaking plaster and moulding work was brought with them when they expanded into their New York City office. Arkada offers a very hands-on, individualized approach, and their emphasis on the craftsmanship of every crown moulding they create makes them the best option for you if you are looking for crown mouldings in NYC, no matter the size of the project.

We already reviewed some of the biggest plaster and moulding companies here in New York City. You can read all about them here.

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