Interview With George Gor of Coinidol Blockchain News Magazine

Today we have an interview with George Gor, co-creator of 2 world brands among the world Bitcoin news and Blockchain news magazines – CoinTelegraph and Both websites are leaders in the cryptocurrency media market with millions of monthly views from readers all over the world. George Gor has been in direct contact with the leaders of the Blockchain market since 2013, when he entered the Bitcoin market for the first time. 

Since April 2020,, the latest media project built by the team of George Gor, has hit the popularity line of 1.2 million views per month from 200 + countries around the world. Coinidol has a high reputation on the market and articles from Coinidol are quoted and backlinked 464,267 times by news aggregators like (526 million views per month) and (1.3 million views per month). How did you manage to create 2 popular world brands in a row? 

George Gor: I have the honor to work with a very good team that I have been creating for years. This team has done a good job with CoinTelegraph since 2013 and I took it with me to build in 2016. If you manage to shine the star once, it is not a problem to repeat and make it even better.

Do you think that you have seen a better result with than you did with CoinTelegraph?

Our team at is much smaller and more effective than they have now at CoinTelegraph. We can feel well, stay profitable and progress even in a falling market. While CT must pay a lot of money in salaries to a big team to keep it working. 

I guess that we attract our 1.2 million views per month at Coinidol more efficiently than their 5.7 million visits per month at CoinTelegraph. We have less than 10 people in our team at Coinidol for 2 languages, English and Italian, while CoinTelegraph has more than 100 people in their current team. 

You can compare and decide yourself, which is more effective. 

What is the idea behind creating Coinidol? 

We have a hero with the name – Coinidol. It is an eternal knight that is searching for the ideal coin and writes about that on his news website. You can see this knight in every illustration on We write about the change of the market of crypto coins daily. We are sure that there should stay only one coin that is the ideal one. 

You started with Blockchain and Bitcoin in 2013 together with CoinTelegraph. A lot of things have changed since that time. Now you lead Coinidol. What do you see for the future of blockchain? What are some of the blockchain industries that you are excited about?

Different kinds of Blockchain make the base technology for all crypto currencies on the market, that is why it is even more important to cover news about this than the information about different coins. We cover both at 

The Blockchain of Bitcoin was the first step to decentralization. Now, it is time for new steps. Decentralised computational hubs, that can be comprised of all computers in the world. Soon it will be popular and normal to sell the computational power of your personal computer, smartphone or smart microwave and even smart fridge. There will be a community of people that live from this. The monitoring of personal activity with the help of chips in the human body opens the road to selling personal jobs with payment for every minute and every move. That is not the fantasy of fairy tales anymore, but the reality of today, it is accessed by few people right now, but this community will grow bigger. 

What suggestion do you give people getting into blockchain?

If you do not know what Blockchain is, do not start any business in the field. You will go bankrupt immediately. This business has a lot of scams, that we also cover at It is hard to understand what to do if you are not a professional already. You need to spend at least 10,000 hours on education about the matter to invest the first time in any project. You can start from small sums for trading if you want to feel the nerve of the market. But you risk losing everything. Be very careful. 

What skills do you think are underrepresented in the blockchain space?

Knowledge. There are few real professionals that can do something valuable. Most of the projects are looking for easy money from investors. They are not interested in building something valuable. 

What up and coming companies should people be looking out for?

All prospective technologies are produced by Microsoft and IBM. They do a lot in the field of Blockchain and they do not need advertising. They will do research on the matter despite the market. They have enough resources not to think about profit today. They can wait for years.

What are your plans for the future of CoinIdol?

We plan to develop an international network. Today we have 2 websites: English and Italian. The English website has 1.2 million views per month. The main part of english speaking Coinidol’s readers are from the United States (15.40%), Canada (9.39%), the United Kingdom (9.09%), Iceland (8.41%), Ireland (8.37%), Australia (5.58%), U.S. Outlying Islands (5.50%), Jersey (5.50%). The Italian version of the website has only 50 000 – 100 000 views per month. We plan to start a spanish version and other languages. We are looking for small news websites to buy them together with their team to incorporate them in our business. 

We plan to become closer to the crypto community in every country of the world. 

Kim Adsitt

Managing Editor

As a New York resident for over 12 years, Kim is passionate about developing technology in New York City. She has created original online media and groundbreaking content strategy for numerous startups and has become a leading expert in startup news. Specializing in content creation and editing, she manages the team at Silicon to produce high quality, engaging tech content and insight from the leading players in the NYC tech field. Kim has been an avid follower of all things blockchain, iot, ai, and crypto and its disruptive potential in a multitude of industries. She seeks to bring the latest innovative news, applications and use cases to the public.