eCommerce Conference You Can’t Miss [NYC Event Spotlight: Oct 17-18]

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On October 17-18 in the heart of New York City, the long-awaited Meet Magento 2017 Conference will take place. It promises to be a must-attend event for businesses and developers alike, with two jam-packed days of presentations and panels from some of the foremost eCommerce experts in NYC and out.

eCommerce is a critical component of most successful businesses today, allowing companies of all sizes to access customers they simply cannot reach offline. The industry itself is so broad and there is so much information available that it’s difficult to separate good eCommerce information from bad. This is where the Meet Magento 2017 Conference brings a lot of value.



For merchants, the conference promises to show new ways to increase sales and conversion rates as well as the information needed to make the decision to migrate to Magento 2, answering the question, “is Magento 2 better for my business?”

For developers, there will be experts on hand to give information and answer questions about Magento’s new PWA and much more, making it a great opportunity to enhance your knowledge and become more valuable to your clients.

The large lineup of speakers at the event is made up of eCommerce and digital marketing experts, who are all sharing their expertise with attendees. Much of what is being shared is only usually available for clients of these speakers, so the two-day event is sure to be great value for the cost of admission.


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Meanwhile, the Meet Magento 2017 Conference offers unparalleled networking opportunities with a wide variety of people involved with eCommerce, from CEO’s of large companies to experienced developers to marketing experts that are all looking to upgrade their eCommerce abilities.

There’s already been a lot of buzz surrounding this year’s Meet Magento Conference in New York, due in no small part to the event’s previous great successes.

“Anyone who works in commerce both online and offline should be attending this event. Magento is at the top of its game when it comes to ecommerce and there’s no better place to become well informed and get connected than Meet Magento NY.”

– Phillip Jackson, Ecommerce Evangelist at Something Digital

“Meet Magento NY always hosted great events. Cutting edge information, food, drinks and amazing after parties all in one. They really know how to make it a fun and welcoming event. Looking forward to 2017 this October. From the way it looks, it will be amazing!”

– Bart Mroz, CEO at SUMO Heavy


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As of publishing this article, later bird tickets are still available, but run out on October  15. If you are interested in the event, you can find more information here and reserve your spot here. The Meet Magento 2017 Conference is sure to be a great event, and those involved in eCommerce or hosting shouldn’t miss out.

Update: I just found out that if you use the code   mm17ecommerce  , you get an extra 50% off off Later Bird tickets until October 15th.

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