ICON Captures Attention at NYC Blockchain Week

ICON drew attention at NYC Blockchain Week with a number of projects across verticals.

One of the highlights of Blockchain Week took place the day before the Consensus Conference on Sunday May 13th, called “Asia Crypto Night, Fresh Off the Blockchain” in midtown Manhattan. With spectacular turn out and a sold out event, New Yorkers and those traveling to NYC for Blockchain Week were presented with the opportunity of meeting the major players from South Korea and Asia. Connecting, sharing and learning about great projects that are being rolled out.

As Blockchain Week comes to a close we’re still thinking about this event which stood out with its many memorable moments and unique insights.



Hosted by BlockchainNYC.org and ICON, the public blockchain network already being utilized in Asia, the event had a lineup of speakers both from major projects and up and coming dapp projects.

We met the leaders in the Korean and Asian blockchain space, ICON, #Hashed, Ground X of Kakao, Unblock of LINE, Deblock, and the Korea Financial Investment Association, plus an array of ambitious new projects including TTC, Blue Whale, Q, Cosmochain, Webloc, and Airbloc.



The initial speakers discussed the current blockchain space in Asia, going over investments and promising accelerators with unprecedented backing from major companies, meaning we can expect rapid, high quality blockchain projects coming out of South Korea and regions near it in the very close future. We got a taste of this as speakers from new dapp projects proved the effectiveness of these accelerators.



Such growth is only possible because of the ICON network, which has been called the Korean Ethereum, though actually exceeds Ethereum’s potential. ICON has improved upon and expanded the capabilities of a public blockchain and introduced a new business model that will ensure faster, easier adoption of the new technology by businesses, institutions and organizations.

Blockchain technology has been slow due to the new, complex nature of the technology. Companies have been left completely on their own and uncertain how to proceed, let alone do it well. ICON has identified this problem among others, building a plan and network that provides guidance, assistance, and greater functionality.



While all of that sounds impressive, we saw firsthand the reality, which exceeded the expectations surprising a diverse audience who attended the event. Opening a new window into projects that are being developed across the ocean, and yet unified around the globe by blockchain technology. The event itself was kept casual and lively, with fantastic networking, open bar, and comfortable atmosphere that left us feeling great about the vast potential of these projects.



We’re looking forward to bringing you more on future endeavors of ICON and Korean blockchain projects so stay tuned!



Jonah Gaynor

Staff Writer

Jonah is a Staff Writer at Silicon NYC’s advice section. He is a native New Yorker, with a passion for technology and he has experience working with startups in New York City.