.NYC Verdict is In: New Yorkers Reaping the Benefits of Local Domain

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Localized domains are on the rise, and New York City’s localized domain extension, .nyc, is the cream of the crop. With over 70,000 domains currently in use, according to NameStat, the adoption and growth of .nyc has been accelerating since its launch in 2014. Domains with the .nyc extension can only be registered to New York City residents, making it a valuable tool for NYC business owners, and one that consumers can feel confident with, as they are assured that they are supporting local businesses. However, .nyc’s benefits for businesses go beyond just this. Here are 3 reasons why using a .nyc domain is a great decision for your business:

#1: Availability


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One of the truly pressing issues for businesses in this decade is getting a short, memorable, and brandable domain. Short .com’s are almost entirely bought up, with one or two word domains being sold for millions or tens of millions of dollars. When discussing domains, you’ll frequently hear people make the analogy that a great domain name is like a prime piece of real estate. There is only a limited amount of space, and the value of the piece of real estate will only appreciate over time.

Smaller businesses or startups with limited funding simply can’t afford these domains. They frequently settle for long names that are a couple of words or variations on the domain they wanted, such as Go(name).com or (name)App.com. Thankfully for these businesses, a new age of domains have arrived, and there is a new wave of premium digital real estate that is up for grabs.

Importantly, many root words are still available for just their registration fee. Your business’s root word is the one word (sometimes, but rarely, two) that best describes what your business does. For a furniture store, that word would be furniture. For an architect, that word would be architecture. These root words are extremely hard to come by (if not completely dried up) within the .com extension, but many are available on newer, localized domains like .nyc.

#2: Branding/Marketing


localized .nyc domain branding marketing


Root word domains aren’t just good because they’re shorter, they have a significantly positive impact on the business’s branding and marketing. Long and cumbersome domains can’t have a brand built around them, but short one or two word domains can. Take Nuts.com as an example. They bought the domain for $700,000 and have been relying on it for branding and marketing ever since. Because the domain is so short and memorable, customers never worry about visiting the wrong website.

Root word domains also give brand security to the business that owns them. For an architecture firm in New York City, the following domains could reasonably be used:

  1. ArchitectureNYC.com
  2. NYCArchitecture.com
  3. ArchitectureNY.com
  4. NYArchitecture.com
  5. ArchitectureNewYork.com
  6. NewYorkArchitecture.com
  7. ArchitectureNewYorkCity.com
  8. NewYorkCityArchitecture.com

That is a staggering 8 domains with very comparable branding and marketing value. However, this same company could get Architecture.nyc, a domain which can have no direct competition in length or branding and marketing value. Thus, none of this company’s competitors could get a “piece of real estate” as valuable as this one, especially within New York City. Having Architecture.nyc cements this company as the top architecture firm in the city. They may even get traffic that was intended for a competitor with a less memorable domain!

#3: SEO


localized domain seo .nyc


While the inner workings of search engines are kept well hidden, many SEO experts believe that having a localized domain such as .nyc positive influences the search engine, ranking the website higher in searches conducted in the city. SEO expert Dmitry Dragilev recommends .nyc domains for New York City-based businesses that are less concerned with how they rank across the country, and more concerned with maximizing their SEO within NYC.

SEO can be the one important factor in determining whether your business’s online presence is a success or a failure. Ranking well for the keywords associated to your company isn’t easy, but having a localized domain puts you well on your way.




Localized domains like .nyc are still relatively young, but their growth has been staggering. As .nyc continues to grow, more and more brandable, marketable, and SEO-friendly names will go off the market to be used by companies.

Imagine that you had the opportunity to purchase the ideal domain for your business at the dawn of the internet. Your business would have skyrocketed in value, as your online presence would have had a big leg up over the competition from day 1. We are now in a very similar position, where local businesses are hustling to purchase their optimal .nyc domain, and are digitally positioning themselves for the years to come. Don’t regret missing out.

Domains aren’t the only things that benefit from being localized. Social apps are moving more and more towards localization, and this app is leading the way.

Jonah Gaynor

Staff Writer

Jonah is a Staff Writer at Silicon NYC’s advice section. He is a native New Yorker, with a passion for technology and he has experience working with startups in New York City.