Move To The Future: Midsize Companies On Blockchain [NYC Featured Tech Event]

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In the fast-moving and somewhat secretive world of Blockchain, it’s not easy to find valuable information about the innovative technology and its implementations. However, on July 27, I’ll be attending a panel titled “Move To The Future: Midsize Companies On Blockchain”. The event will be focused on realistic Blockchain applications for businesses, and it features industry experts who will be sharing valuable information that is usually only available to the limited few already working on Blockchain.

At the event, we’ll learn from a panel of Blockchain experts in various fields and will discuss Blockchain innovations in areas such as supply chain, voting security, financial regulations, banking, and insurance. Each speaker will give their unique perspective and advice on how to ride the Blockchain wave.


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The event is being hosted by BlockchainDriven, one of the leading Blockchain consultancy firms in New York, known for its flexibility and adaptability within the Blockchain development space, and it promises to be an exciting look into this booming field.

“This sort of in-depth event is very rare, and the information that the panel will provide can’t be found anywhere else. The event is a must for any company interested in exploring Blockchain possibilities.”

– Peter Borovykh, Blockchain expert

Speakers on the panel include the IT Application Security Manager at L’Oreal, who is using Blockchain solutions to advance security for the multi-billion dollar cosmetics company, and a founding partner of an investment fund with over $1B worth of deals annually, who is going to give a sneak preview of his new FinTech Blockchain project at the event.


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As a tech nerd in NYC, I’ve been keeping track of all of the exciting developments in Blockchain, from multimillion dollar ICO’s to applications for mid sized companies looking to differentiate themselves from the competition. Unfortunately, I’m still very much in the dark despite my interest in the topic and my rather tenacious online investigations. I’m particularly excited for this event as these Blockchain experts will be breaking their silence to share valuable advice for every business looking to get their piece of the pie.

If you want to get your tickets to the event, you can visit, or you can learn more about this event and similar future events on the Meetup page here. I’ll see you there!

One topic being discussed by the panel will be Blockchain’s positive impact on voting security, and you can read about what that impact might be here.

Jonah Gaynor

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